Frustration-free job postings
You’re looking for a job.

We know you're busy, so we designed our job postings to make your job search as fast and as thorough as possible and we understand that searching for a job can be a long, frustrating process.

One of our goals is to provide job seekers like you with a user-friendly job search experience.

We do this in a few ways:

  • First, we edit job titles to include vital information and to make job titles more relevant. This allows you to make a fast, informed decision about whether it's worth your time to click through to the full job posting.
  • We organize employers' job descriptions to make them easier to read.
  • We add keywords to make jobs more findable.
  • We ensure that social networking tools and links to the employer application process are working.
  • Finally, we work directly with employers to ensure that we only display jobs for which the employer is actively recruiting.
  • We don't interrupt your job search with pop-up ads for credit cards, mortgages and online education.
  • We respect your privacy. We don't retain any personally-identifiable information via our site.
You’re looking for candidates.

The job search process is characterized by literally millions of jobs that are hiding in plain sight. Our service helps recruiters and job seekers cut through this clutter. We work directly with recruiters to create highly-optimized job postings that provide job seekers with an exceptional job search experience. Our job postings focus on five key areas of the job posting experience:

Findability – Job seekers cannot respond to a job posting they can’t find. Given the incredible clutter of millions of job postings, focusing on findability makes a lot of sense.

Job Titles (Winning the Moment) – Most job titles are so vague that job seekers are forced to clickthrough to the job posting in order to obtain critical information. There is a better way to do this.

Job Posting Content – The job requirements and job qualifications sections of our job postings are carefully crafted to target qualified candidates.

Apply Options – Employers have the option of using their ATS-based apply link or using our "Easy Apply" service.

Metrics – We actively review job posting Pageview-to-Apply ratios to determine whether we need to add additional clarity to our job posting title, job description or job requirements.

Shawn Kessler
Partner – Recruitment Division
Employers, to learn more or to put our experience to work for you, call Shawn Kessler at 800-848-1552.

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